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Master Steve Sapp

Warner Robins Karate Academy



In 1973, Master Sapp began his Tae Kwon Do training under Randy Burch, 1st degree.  Concurrently, Grandmaster E.C. Ahn, originally from North Korea,  opened his training school in Macon teaching traditional Tae Kwon Do.  At that time, Master Sapp continued his training under the suberb teaching of Grandmaster Ahn.  In October of 1974, Master Sapp received his first degree black belt and opened his own school, Warner Robins Karate Academy.  (WRKA) 

Master Sapp's will and determination during those early years is the reason for the success of Warner Robins Karate Academy.  WRKA has been owned and opperated by Master Sapp for over 40 years and he continues to strive to provide superior instruction and knowledge to all of his students.

In the early 1980s Grandmaster Ahn founded the Hae San Martial Arts Association, where he appointed Master Sapp as Vice President.  He continues to serve this position proudly. 

WRKA is a member of this fine organization.






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